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Enjoy our authentic Cuban espresso coffee at home!


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Baracoa Cuban Restaurant

From a Cuban Heritage . . .

From our Cuban heritage to the tables of our restaurant, Baracoa brings you the best Cuban food off the island! Cuban style cooking commonly known as Creole, or comida criolla in Spanish, is a combination of culinary arts from around the world that blend flavors of tropical, African, and European cuisine. In 2013, Baracoa was established by the grandchildren of Disnarda Aragon Salva. She was a strong and bold woman who loved God and her family. Throughout her lifetime she touched many lives. . . 
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Cubano Sandwiches
Ensalada Verde, papa rellenas, croquetas, & Arroz con pollo
Guava & Cheesecake Empanada
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Camaron a la Criolla
cafe con leche
outdoor dining

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