How It All Started

From our Cuban heritage to the tables of our restaurant, Baracoa brings you the best Cuban food off the island! Cuban style cooking, commonly called Creole, or comida criolla in Spanish, is an amalgam of culinary arts from around the world with Caribbean, European, and African cuisines being the most influential.

In 2013, Baracoa was established by Tony Castro, Rick De La Rosa, and Danny Castro; the grandchildren of Disnarda Aragon Salva. Disnarda was a strong and bold woman who loved God, loved her family, and touched many lives in her church and local community. As a single mother and against many adversities, she raised her five children. In 1967, her children began to immigrate to the United States and the family was separated for a few years. After challenging times inherent to the immigration process from Cuba, the family was reunited and settled in Los Angeles, California in 1971. Within the family she was known as “Chan” or "Chai". She established a solid and immovable foundation for her family. A foundation based on simple principles: love God above all things, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She lived these principles everyday with a spirit of service and humility. In 2009, she passed away peacefully at the age of 94. Tony, Rick, and Danny sought to establish a place that would give others the opportunity to experience the beauty of Cuban culture, with the warmth of their grandmother’s heart, and led by foodservice professionals. Baracoa is the first city of Cuba and where Disnarda was born.

              Thanks to God, our outstanding employees, and our amazing guests, the story continues to be written…