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Monday - Sunday: All Day


Papas Rellenas


Mashed potato balls stuffed with Cuban Picadillo, then breaded and fried (2 per order)

Ceviche del Caribe


Jumbo shrimp ceviche with habanero, coconut, avocado, and mangos. Served with cilantro gastrique and plantain strips.

Empanadas de Carne


Fried turnovers stuffed with Picadillo (2 per order)

Croquetas de Jamon


Ham croquetas served with salsa verde and Rico Sauce (5 per order)

Empanadas de Pollo


Fried turnovers stuffed with braised chicken ( 2 per order)

Tapas Cubanas


3  tostones topped with 1 choice of meat.

Meat Choice: Lechon Asado, Pollo Encendido, Ropa Vieja, Camaron, Vaca Frita, Picadillo, Pargo

Bocadito Cubano


Beef Empanada & Chicken Empanadas, Papas Rellenas, Platanos Fritos and Yuca Frita with Rico Sauce

Picadillo con Mariquitas


Picadillo with Plantain strips


Ensalada Verde


Fresh cucumber, tomato, red onion, carrots sticks, pickled cabbage, avocado, and mixed greens with choice of dressing

Dressings: Buttermilk Ranch, Balsamic, or Rico Sauce.

Ensalada Chica


Small green salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, and red onion

Dressings: Buttermilk Ranch, Balsamic, or Rico Sauce


All sandwiches served with mojo fries or plantain strips. Half sandwich option for all sandwiches.

Baracoa Cubano


Baracoa's Signature Cuban Sandwich with slow roasted pork, pecan wood smoked pork shoulder bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, pickles, mustard, and garlic-lime aioli.

Vegetariano Sandwich


Vegetarian sandwich with sauteed vegetables and garlic aioli.

Cubano Sandwich


Traditional Cuban hot-pressed sandwich with slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and garlic-lime aioli.

Pargo Sandwich


Red Snapper Sandwich with mixed greens, tomato, avocado, red onions, and chimichurri mojo aioli

Pan con Bistec


Thin cut steak with mojo grilled onions, garlic lime aioli, tomatoes, and chimichurri.

Pan Con Lechon


Tender shredded pork and grilled onions with our garlic-lime aioli

Sandwich de Pollo


Blackened grilled chicken with onions and bell peppers in a spicy Creole sauce.

Vaca Frita Sandwich


Tender shredded beef seared crispy with our garlic-lime aioli.

Ropa Vieja Sandwich


Signature shredded beef, braised with bell peppers in white based tomato sauce.

Elvira's Croquetta Sandwich


Aunt Elvira"s favorite sandwich, a Cubano sandwich with a slow roasted pork, 2 sliced croquettas, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and aioli.


Served with black beans, rice or congri, and 3 sweet plantains. Saffron Arborio Rice + $3.45

Ropa Vieja


Signature shredded beef with sofrito,  bell peppers, and onions braised in a white wine tomato sauce.

Lechon Asado


Tender roasted pork and grilled onions with our garlic-lime sauce.

Pollo Encendido


Blackened grilled chicken with onion then slow braised in a spicy creole sauce with onions, bell peppers, and coulis.

Rabo Alcaparrado


Slowly braised oxtail in red and white wine sofrito and capered tomato sauce.

Bistec Encebollado


Grilled thin-cut sirloin steak topped with grilled onions, bitter orange, and mojo sauce.

Camaron a la Criolla


Sautéed shrimp with onion, bell pepper and zucchini in a spicy Creole sauce.

Tour De Cuba


Great for 2 people to share a choice of 3 meats with each person getting a plate of sides

*Meat Choices: Lechon Asado, Pollo Encendido, Ropa Vieja, Camaron, Vaca Frita, or Picadillo

Arroz con Pollo


Saffron infused Arborio Rice with Sofrito, white wine, beer, grilled chicken, peas, and piquillo peppers.

Vaca Frita


Tender shredded beef seared crispy with grilled onions, bitter orange, and garlic-lime mojo sauce.

Bistec de Pollo


Cilantro lime marinated grilled chicken breast with bell peppers and onions.



Red wine braised ground beef in a zesty sofrito.

Bistec Empanizado


Seasoned, breaded, and fried thin-cut sirloin steak with grilled onions and mojo.

Plato Vegetariano


Sautéed medley of red and green bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, onions, and carrots in our zesty chimichurri sauce.

Pargo Al Mojo


Pan-seared Red Snapper served with avocado, chimichurri, sofrito coulis, and pickled onion.

Mar y Tierra


Cuban Surf & Turf. Full portion of red wine braised oxtail and gulf shrimp in a zesty creole sauce.




Cuban white rice

Mojo Fries


Fries topped with our garlic-lime mojo sauce



Sauteed medley of red and green bell pepper, broccoli, zucchini, onion, and carrots in our zesty chimichurri sauce.



Rice and black bean mixture with Sofrito

Arroz Arborio con Azafran


Saffron infused Arborio Rice (yellow rice)

Yucca con Mojo


Boiled yucca root with garlic-lime mojo sauce.

Pan con Mojo


Sliced toasted baguette with our garlic-lime mojo sauce



Fried plantain chips.

Frijoles Negros


Cuban style black beans

Platanos Fritos


Slices of sweet plantains fried golden brown (6 per orders)

Yuca Frita


Fried yucca root with garlic-lime mojo sauce.



Pressed green plantains fried and served with mojo sauce. 

(5 per order)




2 Shots of straight Cuban Espresso



Strong and sweet Cuban Latte

Cortado Frio


Strong, sweet, and ice-chilled Cuban Latte

Baracoa Espresso Bags


One pound of Baracoa's signature ground espresso.



Cuban Espresso with hot water

Cafe Con Leche


Cuban Latte

Double Cortadito


Strong & sweet Cuban latte made with a Double Shot of Espresso.



Guava Cheesecake Empandas


Turnover pastries with a creamy cheesecake filling and sweet guava. Drizzle with caramel as a finishing touch.

Espresso Infused Chocolate Fudge Cake


Heavenly dark chocolate cake infused with Baracoa's signature espresso, served with a chocolate ganache and accompanied by a scoop of rich French vanilla bean ice cream.

Marilem's Flan


Organic creamy custard dessert top with a layer of soft caramel

Iron Beer Float


Two heaping scoops of rich vanilla ice cream drowned in a classic creamy Cuban cola, served in a chocolate rimmed glass and topped with a dollop of whip cream.



Non-alcoholic Beverages

Soft Drinks


Coca-cola | Diet Coke | Sprite | Orange Fanta | Ginger Ale | Iced Tea | Lemonade | Mr. Pibb



Classic Cuban malt beverage



Pineapple flavored Latin soft drink

Chocolate Milk


Iron Beer


Popular Cuban soft drink that tastes curiously close to cola and root beer.



Soft drink made from yerba mate, a popular central american tea.




Alcoholic Beverages

Signature Sangria

Red Sangria


Signature blend of red wine containing seasonal fruits and a hint of lemon and lime

White Sangria


Refreshing blend of white wine containing fresh apples and a hint of citrus flavor


Hatuey Cuban Beer


Dos XX


Firestone 805


Local Craft Beer


Baracoa Flights

Beer flights.

Beer Flights


Taste any 4 beers from our local breweries.