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About Baracoa

      From our Cuban heritage to the tables of our restaurant, Baracoa brings you the best Cuban food off the island! Cuban style cooking commonly known as Creole, or comida criolla in Spanish, is a combination of culinary arts from around the world that blend flavors of tropical, African, and European cuisine.

      In 2013, Baracoa was established by the grandchildren of Disnarda Aragon Salva. She was a strong and bold woman who loved God and her family. Throughout her lifetime she touched many lives in her church and local communities. As a single mother she raised her five children, despite the many adversities she had faced. In 1967, her children began to immigrate to the United States and the family was separated for three years. In 1971, the family was reunited after facing challenges that were inherent to the immigration process from Cuba and settled in Los Angeles, California. Within the family she was known as “Chan” or “Chai”. She established a solid and immovable foundation for her family that is based on simple principles: love God above all things, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She lived these principles each and every day with a spirit of service and humility. She was bountifully blessed and lived a long and healthy life. In 2009, she passed away peacefully at the age of 94. In 2013, her grandchildren sought to establish a place that would allow others to experience the beauty of Cuban culture. Disnarda was raised in the city of Baracoa, Cuba and to commemorate the memory of their beloved grandmother her grandchildren named the restaurant “Baracoa”.

      Our vision is to share the best in Cuban cuisine with warm and professional hospitality. We would love to have the honor of serving you. We cordially invite you to come and experience the best Cuban food off the island!

Meet the Owners

Owners - Tony, Rick, Danny psoing in front of alcohol shelves.

Tony, Rick and Danny made this dream into a reallity in 2013. Together, they set out to bring a fun, authentic, and relaxing enviroment to the Antelope Valley. These proud owners are only scratching the surface of whats to come in the near future.

"No, wer're not stopping here! We have our eyes set on much bigger plans!"  - Tony, Rick, & Danny


Tony Castro

Owner/ General Manager

Baracoa's Team Members